Upcoming Appearances

Below are upcoming events and public venues where Thista will be presenting.


April 26-28, 2019 – Beat Me In St Louis, St Louis, MO

  • An Introduction to Needle Play
  • Needle Predicament Bondage
  • Consent for Polyamory
  • Cathartic Flogging


May 1-5, 2019 – THE: Beltane, Darlington, MD

  • How We Think About Sex
  • A Pagan Primer on Sacred Kink
  • Cocksecration – Consecrate your tool of choice in a hands-on workshop! Come learn how to apply traditional methods of imbuing objects with sacred power to a variety of sex toys and safer sex supplies. We’ll even look at how body parts can get in on the action! Bring an object of your choice to consecrate in class, whether it’s a vibrator, a strap-on, a bottle of lube, a box of gloves, or your own… tool.
  • Cleansing With Blood and Fire – What are you ready to be free from? What do you need to let go? In this ritual we will let our blood carry our burdens away to be cleansed in flame. Each participant will choose their own method and location for acquiring blood, with options ranging from a standard lancet to an 18 gauge needle. Set your intent, shed your blood, and purify that energy in a sacred fire.


June 6-9, 2019 – Twisted Tryst – The Gathering, IN

  • Cathartic Flogging
  • Reaching Through Steel
  • Sacred Crisis: The Anatomy of Ordeal
  • TBA


June 18-24, 2019 – Dark Odyssey – Fusion, Darlingtion, MD

  • Spirit Dance Hook Pull
  • Party in Valhalla
  • Ordeal of Consequence
  • TBA


September 13-15, 2019 – On The Edge, High Point, NC

  • TBA