Sacred Sexuality and Ordeal Path Workshops


Suffering for Spirit: An Overview of Ordeal

What is the Ordeal Path, and what does it offer? In this workshop we’ll take a panoramic view of Ordeal, touching on the theory behind Ordeal rituals, and exploring many different facets of the Ordeal Path.

Sacred Crisis: The Anatomy of Ordeal

What makes an Ordeal? What is the difference between an intense or spiritual scene and an Ordeal? How do Ordeal rituals help us reach our deepest selves? In this workshop, we’ll explore the essential components of Ordeal, and learn how to make the most of our suffering.

The Ordeal Path: Sacred Suffering Beyond the Scene

This discussion-based workshop explores how to seek wisdom in life’s pain without drowning in sorrow. Learn to walk a road of joy and delight, where every scar strengthens us, and every challenge pushes us to become our better and truer selves.

The Sacred Way of Consent

The most universal concept in kink is consent; it lives in the premise of our lifestyle, that informed consenting adults may do as they please with one another. What are the spiritual implications of this core belief? Come explore how consent can be more than an ethical justification. The concept of consent can show us a sacred way of living and engaging with one another. It can guide us to our better selves, and teach us how to form deeper, more fulfilling connections with others.

Cathartic Flogging

Catharsis is a process of release, purification, and relief, whereby one is rid of repressed emotions and energies. Come learn how flogging can elicit mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual catharsis. This workshop does not focus on technical flogging skills, so please have some knowledge of the fundamentals.

Impact Catharsis: The Metaphysics of Sensation

Pain is a well-known mechanism for cathartic relief and release, but how does that work on an energetic level? How does the energy body respond to different types of sensation, and how can you use those responses to help someone achieve catharsis? Come learn how physical sensation can facilitate spiritual healing.

Sanctify Your Kink

Are you yearning to bring your kink into the realm of the sacred? Have you stumbled into that numinous place where the boundary between sex and spirit disappears? Do you want to incorporate an element of spirituality into your existing kink dynamic? Join us to learn skills and strategies for bringing spirituality to your scenes, and nurturing the sacred moments you discover in your play.

Rope Magic

Dive into the ‘woo’ of rope! In this class we’ll learn how to infuse rope with energetic intent, and work magic with knots, lines, and postures. Connect with your partner or with yourself. Quiet the static that plagues your spirit. Release the potential you hold back. Collect your pieces, and find a happy whole at your center. This class includes both demonstration and practice, so bring some rope and a partner if you’d like to participate. All skill levels welcome!

Sacred Blood

Blood is a substance deeply rooted in spirituality and magic, and widely regarded as a material component of our life essence. Come explore a variety of practical techniques for accessing this vital part of ourselves. Topics will include mundane and spiritual safety protocol, negotiating sacred blood scenes, different methods for acquiring blood, and how to use spilled blood for sacred work.

Rituals of Kink

What is ritual, and what is its purpose? How can we use ritual to enhance our experience of kink? From fetish outfits, to setup and cleanup routines, to complex D/s protocol, kink is full of ritual language. Let’s look at rituals both sacred and secular, and explore how actions can speak louder than words.

Creating Space for Sacred Sexuality

Are you drawn to the idea of sacred sexuality, but uncertain of how to start practicing it yourself? Are you looking for a way to give your intimate encounters a deeper connection to the sacred? Would you like to add a few new techniques to your sacred sex practices? Join us for a practical introduction to creating sacred space for sexual encounters. We’ll examine the basic features of ritual, and discuss a spectrum of methods for engaging in sacred sexuality, ranging from formal and ceremonial to simple and spontaneous.

Stumbling Into Spooky

Ever find yourself in a scene that unexpectedly takes on profound personal meaning? Ever accidentally discover a sacred dynamic in your kink? In this class we’ll share stories of kinky play that became unexpectedly spiritual. We’ll learn some techniques for processing and embracing these moments for ourselves, and find out how to help our partners and play partners navigate these experiences.

Intimate Energy Dynamics

Join us for a participatory exploration of how energy exchange and manipulation can enhance intimate connection. We will discuss and practice techniques for deepening awareness and intensifying sensation with our partner. In order to fully participate in this workshop, you will need a basic ability to sense and direct energy. Please bring a partner to practice with.

Grounding, Centering, and Shielding for Kinksters

When a scene has set you spinning, but it’s time to transition back to a normal state, how do you find stability? How can centering your awareness in your body help you seize and wield the power of a scene? How can you protect your mental, emotional, and energetic resources, even in in the midst of a chaotic crowd? Join us to explore the fundamental principles of grounding, centering, and shielding, and learn how to use these techniques to enhance our kink.

A Pagan Primer on Sacred Kink

What is kink, and how can it be sacred? How is sacred kink both similar to and different from sacred sex? How can sacred kink contribute to and enhance a Pagan lifestyle? We’ll examine potential answers to each of these questions in this Pagan’s introduction to sacred kink. This workshop will be equal parts class and discussion, so whether you’re ‘curious about’, ‘into’, or ‘live it 24/7’, come share your ideas and experiences. Join us to explore the beautifully diverse and magically empowering world of sacred kink.