Paganism, Spirituality, and Energy Workshops

How Pagans Learn: Teaching, Training, and Mentoring

Many prominent Pagan educators have pointed out that all of us, regardless of age, learn as children when we approach divinity. In this workshop we will discuss how theories in early childhood education pertain to adult spiritual development. We will explore the differences between declarative and experiential knowledge, examine schemas and cognitive dissonance, and explain how these and other concepts apply to how we process spiritual experiences.

Essential Ritual Design

What does it take to create meaningful ritual? In this nondenominational workshop, we will explore ritual’s essential components, and discuss what makes a ritual ‘good’. We will examine both practical and spiritual considerations in designing and executing effective ritual for groups small and large, public and private, traditional and eclectic.

Sex, Gods, and Virgins: Redefining Virginity for a Sex-Positive World

What does it mean to be a virgin? And for that matter, how did virginity become so important to modern western spirituality and society? In this workshop we’ll trace modern virginity back to its ancient Greek roots, and discover how old beliefs continue to impact modern realities. By untangling ancient baggage, we’ll empower ourselves with a better understanding of how we can redefine “virginity” for a modern world.

Coven Craft Without Binary Gender

How do you cast a circle without a priest or priestess? What dynamic roles can arise when officiators shed the cultural associations of binary gender, and explore other modes of complementary function? Come learn how to set an altar, call the quarters, and honor the Gods in ways that can reflect, support, and celebrate any gender identity.

Through the Dark

For centuries religious and philosophical figures have written about the “Dark Night of the Soul” – that moment all of us face sooner or later, in at least some aspect of our lives, when something that used to bring us joy or elation or excitement suddenly feels empty. Spiritual practitioners might experience it as an inability to sense energy or feel sacredness around them. Kinksters might experience it as a favorite play modality feeling dull or unsatisfying, or a familiar dynamic feeling inexplicably distant or disengaged. What brings us to those dark places? What can we learn by wandering through that long night? How do we find our way to the light of dawn? Come explore the many paths we might take through the dark.

Horse Handling: Supporting the Possessed

Preparing for and recovering from a possessory experience can be tremendously taxing for a person being ‘ridden’ by a spirit or deity. This workshop addresses practical strategies for how we as ritual officiators, assistants, and energetic ground crew, can help create a better experience for the ‘horse’, the deity, and the community. We’ll discuss tools and techniques that can facilitate an easier ride for everyone involved, from preparing beforehand, through the experience itself, to helping the horses be fully themselves again when the Work is done.

Introduction to Hellenismos

The Gods of ancient Greece are popular figures in contemporary Paganism, but do our modern visions of these old Gods match their spiritual history? How did the ancient Greeks view and honor their Gods? What can we learn from these ancient traditions, and how are they useful to modern Pagans? Explore the answers to these questions and more in our introduction to Hellenismos.

Grounding, Centering, and Shielding for Non-Standard Energy Bodies

Just like our physical bodies, energy bodies come in many different shapes and sizes, and with a variety of sensitivities and needs. Grounding, centering, and shielding are necessary techniques for anyone who works with energy, but typical methods may not be effective for individuals with non-standard energy bodies. In this workshop we will explore different types of energy bodies, and explain how to modify common grounding, centering, and shielding techniques to accommodate various needs.

Energy Healing for Diverse Energy Bodies

In this workshop, we will discuss various ways in which a person’s energy body can be unusual yet still healthy, normal, or necessary. Come explore how these variations affect energy healing techniques, and how we can modify our approach in appropriate ways. This class is designed for individuals who already have proficiency in some method of energy healing.

Introduction to Astral Travel

What is the astral plane? Where does it go, and who and what can you find there? How do you get to the astral, and what do you do once you’re there? In this workshop we will discuss some of the theory behind astral travel, then make a short trip along a well-traveled road. Please bring something comfortable to sit or lie on.

The Elemental Tarot Spread

Come learn and practice an elegantly simple Tarot spread utilizing the elemental associations of the four powers of the sphinx: to know, to will, to dare, and to be silent. We will explore the fundamental concepts of the spread, discuss a demonstration, then give it a try ourselves. Please bring your own Tarot deck if you would like to practice.

Negotiating With Deities and Spirits

Many Pagans believe that deities or spirits can sometimes desire or even demand specific action. Answering these calls can be joyous and rewarding, but sometimes finding an appropriate response to a divine request can be tricky. In this workshop, we will discuss when one might wish to negotiate with Gods or spirits, and how to go about negotiation respectfully and constructively.

Creating Space for Sacred Sexuality

Are you drawn to the idea of sacred sexuality, but uncertain of how to start practicing it yourself? Are you looking for a way to give your intimate encounters a deeper connection to the sacred? Would you like to add a few new techniques to your sacred sex practices? Join us for a practical introduction to creating sacred space for sexual encounters. We’ll examine the basic features of ritual, and discuss a spectrum of methods for engaging in sacred sexuality, ranging from formal and ceremonial to simple and spontaneous.

Intimate Energy Dynamics

Join us for a participatory exploration of how energy exchange and manipulation can enhance intimate connection. We will discuss and practice techniques for deepening awareness and intensifying sensation with our partner. In order to fully participate in this workshop, you will need a basic ability to sense and direct energy. Please bring a partner to practice with.

Making Friends With Vampires

Discover how you can interact with psychic vampires in a way that is healthy and nourishing for everyone involved. We’ll briefly cover standard grounding and warding techniques, then go beyond personal protection and learn how to turn a draining dynamic around. Join us to find out how you can make an antagonist into an ally.

A Pagan Primer on Sacred Kink

What is kink, and how can it be sacred? How is sacred kink both similar to and different from sacred sex? How can sacred kink contribute to and enhance a Pagan lifestyle? We’ll examine potential answers to each of these questions in this Pagan’s introduction to sacred kink. This workshop will be equal parts class and discussion, so whether you’re ‘curious about’, ‘into’, or ‘live it 24/7’, come share your ideas and experiences. Join us to explore the beautifully diverse and magically empowering world of sacred kink.

Suffering for Spirit: An Overview of Ordeal

What is Ordeal, and what does it offer? What is the difference between an Ordeal and any other intense or spiritual scene? In this workshop we’ll take a panoramic view of Ordeal, touching on the theory behind Ordeal rituals, and exploring the many ways in which agony can lead to transformation and empowerment.