Thista has presented workshops for events such as Free Spirit Gathering, Sirius Rising, Kinky Con, NELA’s Fetish Fair Fleamarket, Dark Odyssey: Fusion and Summer Camp, and many more! She has also taught at private venues, and can design workshops and classes to suit specific communities, audiences, and events. Please use the contact form to request a customized class or workshop.


Sacred Sexuality, and Ordeal Path Workshops

These classes explore kink, Ordeal, and places where kink, spirituality and sexuality intersect and overlap.


Kink Workshops

Sharpen your skills and expand your techniques with these workshops on needle play, sadism, and other kinky delights.


Sex, Gender, and Relationships Workshops

These workshops discuss gender, orientation, and polyamory as they impact our lives and our identities.


Paganism, Spirituality, and Energy Workshops

From ritual design to Hellenismos to astral travel, these workshops cover a wide variety of topics pertaining to Paganism, spirituality, and energy work.