Ritual By Design

Thista has extensive experience in ritual design, and can create cutom rites and ceremonies to suit your community and its purpose. Some common goals for custom rituals include:

  • celebrating a central theme or holiday
  • honoring specific deities, spirits, or ancestors
  • marking rites of passage
  • personal Ordeals
  • community bonding

If you are interested in having Thista design a custom ritual for you or your group, please use the contact form to reach her.

Hook Pull Rituals

If you are interested in having a hook pull ritual at your event or venue, please contact Thista for further details.

Sacred Consent: Ritual Affirmation

Explore consent as a spiritual practice in a ritual that embraces setting and enforcing boundaries as sacred acts. Through several rounds of exchange and interaction, participants will be offered several tasks to complete if they choose. Ritual structure will present a script for accepting or declining each task, and all choices will be celebrated with affirmation.

Cleansing With Blood and Fire

What are you ready to be free from? What do you need to let go? In this ritual we will let our blood carry our burdens away to be cleansed in flame. Each participant will choose their own method and location for acquiring blood, with options ranging from a standard lancet to an 18 gauge needle. Set your intent, shed your blood, and purify that energy in a sacred fire.

Arkteia: Celebrating the Wild Child

Early childhood is a raw, wild, and visceral experience that is all too easily forgotten under the pressures of adult life. Embrace your inner child with games and activities straight from your youth. Give your young self a little freedom in this celebration of Artemis and Her ‘little bears’.

Mounukhia: Subtle Light in the Dark

The full moon’s light illuminates darkness without destroying it. What secrets do you hold in your own shadows? Are you ready to embrace your darker self? Celbrate Artemis Phosphoros, the Bringer of Light, with little cakes ‘shining all around’, for She can help you find the way through your night.

Soteiria: Celebrating Women

Artemis is widely known as a protectress of women. Join us in a celebration of all that is female or feminine with improvised music and inspired dance. Create a special token for yourself or someone you care for, asking Artemis to protect the women dear to us. All genders welcome.

Kharisteria: Struggle and Survival

Are you willing to give for what you get? Artemis challenges us to recognize the cycles of joy and suffering, gain and loss, life and death. Choose your offering of thanksgiving, and honor the things that feed you in this ritual of gratitude.

Theronia: Hunting with the Queen of Beasts

Express your feral energy in a Hellenic ritual for Artemis, Lady of the Wild and Mistress of Animals. Together we will unleash our predatory selves, rend our piñata prey, and feast on its (vegetarian friendly) entrails. Come play with your inner beast!

Philokhoria: A Hellenic Summer Solstice

Discover a new perspective on the summer solstice. Inspired by one of Callimachus’s ancient hymns, this entirely modern ritual celebrates Artemis, Apollo, Helios, the Nymphs, and the Muses in a participatory ritual drama.

Genesia: Remembering our Ancestors

Celebrate your loved ones with this modernized Hellenic festival for the dead. We’ll set out a feast for our ancestors, share their stories with one another, then ask Haides to keep them safe while they rest, and ask Persephone to prepare them for what waits beyond.

Lilith’s Revelry

Fire, wine, and sensual movement. Visceral experience and carnal sensation. Sticky, messy, and powerful. Celebrate Lilith with raw, erotic, dynamic experience.